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sea. china's claims to the area overlap with those of some asean members, including the philippines. it was focused on whether progress would be made toward a proposed legally binding code of conduct to resolve the disputes. the premier emphasized at the meeting that china remains positive on the coc. but lee also warned against outside interference, an apparent reference to the united states and japan. a number of asean nations have disputes with china, but beijing has singled them out to bear the pressure. after a two-month standoff with philippine ships, china took effective control over the area. manila responded by filing a case of mediation under the u.n. convention on law on the sea. the united states is the philippines' biggest ally. the east asia summit was supposed to be an opportunity for president obama to show solidarity with asean, and help counter the maritime ambitions of china. but his absence has raised questions about the extent of u.s. influence. nhk world's matt reports. >> reporter: last month the united states and the philippines staged a large joint military
in the central philippines. hello and welcome, i'm stephen and you are watching al jazeera from doha and they are sitting down with iran to discuss the nuclear future and the syrian president celebrates and here is the mosque in damascus and we report on big changes that west african healthcare system is seeing. ♪ but first at least 73 people now have been killed and many more injured in an earthquake in the central philippines and it was a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit the island in the second biggest city and power has been cut and buildings destroyed and over 100 people have been hurt. >> reporter: crews search for survivors be kneeled concrete buildings, the 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit just before 8:00 in the morning and the force brought down buildings and seeing people fleeing into open spaces. >> translator: we were caught by surprise. the building collapsed as people were coming out. >> reporter: officers and schools were closed for a national holiday and this may have saved lives. >> this is where the church is, a huge, old, spanish church built in the 1600s and se
. and an earthquake leaving dozens dead in the philippines. >>> president obama says no deal to the house republican's latest attempt to reopen the government. the nation now just two days ahead of default, and congressional leaders have yet to reach an agreement. libby casey joins us live on capitol hill. libby, they have come up with a plan of their own. what does it mean? >> that's right. we're so close to thursday that's the crucial date in terms of the u.s. keeping its credit worthiness, even though that is happening two days from now, and the senate has cooked up its own plan, house republicans met behind closed doors, and speaker boehner said while no decisions are made, we also talked about obamacare. it seemed republicans had left that behind, not so fast. take a listen. >> there are a lot of opinions about what direction to go. there have been no decisions about what exactly we will do, but we're going to continue to work with our members on both sides of the aisle to try to make sure that there is no issue of default and to get our government reopened. >> speaker boehner says no decisions
, searching for survivors after a powerful earthquake rocks the central philippines. >>> devastation on a day of prayer, bombs killed dozens of people during one of the holiest times in the muslim calendar. >>> and world leaders search for a solution in curbing iran's nuclear program. >>> and changing the way mothers and children are cared for, we have a special report from sin gal this hour. >>> we begin in the philippines at least 93 people have been killed after a powerful earthquake shook the center of the country. it measured at 7.2. and the densely populated city was also badly hit. powers cut to many areas, buildings toppled. >> reporter: what was once a marketplace is now an open air hospital. lack of space equipment means medics are overworked. rescue workers are also stretched. the earthquake hit just after 8:00 in the morning. many say it was the strongest they ever witnessed. offices and schools were closed for a national holiday, which may have saved lives. >> reporter: there are many, many lifelines which have been blocked like roads and bridges and powers. and we're beginning t
since the election of caps on rouhani. april 4 quake rocks with philippines. at least 85 people had been killed -- a powerful earthquake rocks the philippines. it hit three popular tourist islands. the death toll continues to climb. after the -- a visit to so what up -- sowetto. i'm melissa bell. iran described as good the response of world powers to proposals put forward by iran on the nuclear program. it is the first time the five countries and the security council plus germany meet with iran to discuss the issue since moderate cleric hassan rouhani came to power. the first real test of the new relation hoped for by so many after the presidents of the united states and ahrendts spoke last month for the first time in three decades. >> iran's nuclear program is top of the agenda at the talks but theron also said it will still forge ahead to enriching uranium. >> the act of enrichment and continuing it will be our red line. on no condition will we let this right of iran be suspended reduced, or stopped. on matters of dimensions, we do not have problems with negotiation. >> negotiation, so
.s. embassy bombings in east africa. rescue efforts are underway in the philippines after an earth character. nuclear talks begin in geneva the u.s. and other world powers sit down for diplomatic discussions aimed at dealing with iran's nuclear ambitions. ♪ ♪ >>> welcome to al jazerra america, i am stef did sy. it is now two weeks since the government shutdown. and only a few days until the debt ceiling deadline expires, with the stakes incredibly high, party leaders in the senate are working tote and expressing optimism about a possible compromise, the big question is can they get republicans in the house to go a long. white house correspondence mike viqueira has the latest 78 ideal in the senate may be at hasn't and just in th nick of time. there is no guarantee that a senate-passed plan can pass in the house of representatives now with just two days to go before the nation reach that his deadline. >> i am feeling a little sticky. >> reporter: president obama visited a washington food bank where he greeted furloughed workers and kept the pressure on for ideal. >> if republicans aren't
has left more than 100 people dead. to help people after that quake hit the philippines earlier this morning. >> term you about the philippines now. certainly not the last thing that can happen to them, we have had earthquakes typhoons and maybe even more weather moving in. the philippine plate goes under the you ray sean plate that's where you get the earthquake. that was today, just about two days ago we had a typhoon come through, not only that but in the forecast there could be another storm developing it's quiet now in the philippines with this area of clouds could intensify and continue to move to the west. it is all over the same area, that is a big problem there, a front has stalled and this rain will be focused around central texas into oklahoma and continuing to move east to arkansas. right now the temperatures show that front. an inch or two of snow in south dakota. all of this symptom which is just slowly moving from west to east. now once the rain clears out, which it will, the temperatures will drop. jew can see that cold air coming in. and into the midwest, this f
. >> a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the southern philippines and was centered about 35 miles deep below the town of karman. we are live from a neighbouring island with more. if could you feel the quake, and what is the extent of the damage in the area? >> yes, about 20 minutes in the morning, the earthquake - the epicentre, two hours by boat from here, in the province of baho in karman. it is known to be a tourist destination and this is a long weekend in the philippines. the local government is worried because of the long weekend. now, according to the national report, school buildings collapsed and some roads are not passable at this point. local government is saying that rescue operations are under way. they have closed the airports and coastguards are not allowing boats, commercial and private, to go in and out of the area. now, the earthquake was felt as far apart as the southern philippines. they'll assess the full damage in a few hours time. >> we are hearing that four people were killed, and a number of others injured. are we talking about a densely populated area where the quak
central philippines, causing widespread destruction. the epicenter of the quake, which had a 7.1 magnitude was beneath the island of bohol. some modern low rise buildings collapsed, some roads were hit by lance glock -- landslides. jonathan head is following this from bangkok. we are hearing about some damage, some buildings affected. how much damage are we talking about? wide area, david. the earthquake was a powerful, the tremors were building that's bringing down buildings up to 100 kilometers away from the epicenter. it is taking authorities some time to work out just how many casualties there are and how many buildings have come down. the first report came from the biggest city in the region, said blue, second-largest in the philippines. a number of buildings came down and people were killed by collapsing concrete slabs. some of the philippines' oldest and most historic churches dating back to the days of spanish colonialist, they have also completely collapsed as well. it is taking authorities quite all theime to assess small towns and villages. the island of bohol, web epicenter was
of muslim. panic in the philippines after the earthquake hit the popular tourist island and world leaders sit down with iran to discuss the nuclear program and live in geneva and china celebrates ten years of space exploration. ♪ we begin the news hour with bombs across several countries on what is supposed to be one of the holyist days in the world and mosques in syria and afghanistan were attacked tuesday when they were attending prayers and a governor was killed on a bomb attack in a mosque in the providence and 20 others were wounded. a governor as we said was killed during the prayers in afghanistan. the attack happened in the logar providence and an official from the governor's office said they were planted in the mosque where governor and 20 other people were injured in the attack. and a bomb blast at a sunni mosque in the northern city of kirkuk in iran and 20 people died as a bomb went through worshippers after they left after morning prayers and they attacked a mosque not far from the capitol of damascus and they made a rare public appearance to attend morning prayers and we h
that's maritime presence is growing in the region. diplomatic sources say philippines president aquino called for an early drafting of legally binding rules to seek a solution to the disputes. he said steps should be taken gradually. japan and the united states are among those calling for an early creation of a legally binding code of conduct. >>> the u.s. secretary of state says his country remains committed to asia, despite the absence of president obama at key regional meetings. obama pulled out of a trip to southeast asia to deal with the shutdown in washington. john kerry made the pledge during a meeting with asean leaders. kerry is filling in for obama who is dealing with a congressional standoff over a budget bill that has partially shut down the u.s. government. at the onset of the talks, kerry sought to reassure asean leaders that the standoff is a moment in politics and will pass. he said the u.s. partnership with asean remains a top priority for the obama administration. the remarks come amid increased skepticism over washington's commitment to asia. some say obama's absence
. >>> and an earthquake leaves dozens dead in the philippines. >>> call it signs of life but there is movement in the senate that could break the political dead lock. senate leaders could be closing in on an agreement to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling, but house republicans may be on a different page set to offer their own plan. our white house correspondent mike viqueira joins us live from washington. mike, what are we hearing about that plan that republicans might offer? >> the first thing people need to know is nothing a done deal yet. we are on the eve of a possible default, certainly busting through the debt ceiling october 17th on thursday, and yet house republicans are not willing to go along with the emerging deal coming out of the senate that engendered so much optimism yesterday. we're waiting for them to come out of a meeting that has now run one hour past schedule. a two-hour meeting we understand that has been quite contentious. lifting the debt ceiling to take the country until february. remember we started this controversy, this crisis, really when tea party af
that is affecting the philippines. here's our meteorologist sayaka mori. >> the western pick usually settles down this time of year, but it's not the case this year. we're watching a storm. instead of bringing beautiful scents, it's bringing powerful rainfall and winds. it's expected to move into eastern luzon by saturday morning local time as a typhoon. waves of about 7 meters is likely today with gusts of nearly 200 kilometers per hour. and the system will likely move over the south china sea. it could move into vietnam early next week. rainfall of about 200 millimeters is likely across the eastern part of the philippines and northwestern part the philippines for the next few days, enough to cause flooding. you'll notice there's another storm back behind it. this is a tropical storm. and it's likely to intensefy as a typhoon and move over toward the northwest over the next several days. over towards the bay of bengal we have a more powerful system. this is a severe cyclonic system packing winds of nearly winds of 90 kilometers per hour. rainfall of 250 millimeters is likely from saturday mornin
of the government shutdown. >>> more troops could be headed overseas this time to the philippines. marines started three week drills with philippine forces yesterday. they're set to take place every year and they're aimed at strengthening security ties. it has live action fire trainings and attack training. the u.s. forces are there because the philippines are asking for help while tensions in the south china fee. >> cleveland kidnapper ariel castro died by hanging. he died last month just a few weeks into a life sentence for holding three women hostage at his home for a decade. prison medical staff tried reviving him and that no drugs were found in his system. he was supposed to be checked on every 30 minutes. >>> maryland puts historically black colleges at a disadvantage by duplicating their program at a white school. they ruled the practice is segregated. the coalition for ethnicity and excellence in higher education sued the maryland higher education commission. they have to begin mediation to fix the problem. >>> several counties are preparing for a symbolic vote to secede. they are upset ab
of the website and the top story is the philippines earthquake. the light own why and how home and stock prices move plus with october 17th days away, a debt deal is taking shape in dc. what is it going to look like? and the s word that means financial pain for small business owners. i'm ali velshi. this is "real money." ♪ >>> this is "real money," you are the most important part of the show so join our live conversation for the next half hour by using the hashtag agreal money on twitter. i'm getting questions like this one, if the u.s. hits the debt ceiling should 401k investors reallocate their investments what about roth and ira's? help. you are in luck, because the best three people to answer that question just got awarded nobel prizes in economics on monday. their work independently and overtime is about how the price of assets move over time. it has been so influential that it has changed the way people invest their money. and i'm going to explain it without a bunch of nobel prize jargon starting in the 1960s, trying to figure out which ways stocks will move is a fool's journey. knowing
>> a powerful earthquake hits a popular tourist area in the central philippines. >>> hello and welcome to, i am stephen cole you are watching al jazerra from doha. coming up in the next half hour. >> i am jane ferguson in kabul and i will be reporting on the high-profile assassination on the first day of the muslim holiday. >> back to the negotiating table world leaders arrive in geneva to discuss the future of iran's nuclear program. >>> and the final frontier. leaping for joy. china celebrates 10 years of space exploration. ♪ ♪ >>> but first, at least 20 people have been killed, many more have been injured in the central philippines by an earthquake. it was a magnitude 7.2 quake that hit the island. the power has been cut, many buildings have been destroyed. the area is a popular tourist destination. rescue workers are searching for survivors. robert pool is a journalist from tokyo on holiday there when the earthquake hit and joins me for you on the line. 7.2 magnitude quake, robert a powerful earthquake. tell us what you saw or heard. >> reporter: well, i was riding
the central philippines. hit around 6:30 our time last night centered near the town of karmen there. we have photos of the aftermath. densely populated cities saw much of the devastation. bridges fell. at the time the philippines were honoring a national holiday. schools and offices were closed down probably limited the loss of life. there was no tsunami warning. >> let's get another check on the weather. can be so nice. >> beach day around the bay area. not many days like this for the end of the year. a look at the cool start to the day. you've got the off shore winds kicking in. even out toward the coast. looks like a great afternoon. these temperatures really going to soar. temperatures dropping down to the low 40s. down to 42 in santa rosa. 49 in concord and 54 in san francisco. this afternoon, enjoying plenty of sunshine into the low 80s. upper 70s into san jose and sunny skies. 80s in many east bay locations. then you get inside the bay and toward the coastline. 77 in san francisco. even some 70s out toward the beach. let's check on your traffic with elizabeth. >> we are growing drivin
sayaka mori. what's the latest in the philippines? >> typhoon nari is starting to affect the northern half of the philippines. in this month we've had typhoon fito, typhoon dennis, this one is the third all right tropics are really firing up. the center is expected to move across luzon. it could make landfall in eastern part of luzon by saturday morning local time and then head out to sea. it could probably aim for vietnam or hainan early next week. now, as we go into saturday, the most heavy rain should be confined to the eastern part of luzon and from sunday, the western part could be battered by extremely heavy rain and rain could linger for several days across the western parts. not just rain but also we're seeing some quite strong winds. about 200 kilometers per hour gusts are likely to hit luzon. now, not just the storm, we have another heavy rainmaker back behind it. this is a tropical storm at this moment. right now a minimal tropical storm but it could intensify to a strong typhoon. and then move up towards the north. we'll keep you posted on the storm's progress. now across
of the philippines and also in manila itself. the many threat is this heavy rainfall. but don't be surprised if you see the sustained tropical storm strength waves and possibly typhoon strength winds as this does track off there just north of your location, if you're watching from manila, and then moving out there toward the south china sea. but like i said, flooding and landslides a major risk. actually, the philippine meteorological agency has posted warnings across much of luzon, a warning on that, 200 millimeters likely with this storm system. extending out into the end of the week and early next week, eastern sea boards of vietnam, keep an eye on this. it could continue to intensify as it tracks off to the west. the other of our storm systems, and also actually more intense is cyclone phailin. one thing i want to show you is on the satellite picture, look how massive this cloud shield is. about half the size of india. this is the strongest cyclone in about 14 years here in the bay of bengal. the last storm to hit this area this strorm caused upwards of 10,000 deaths out here. not saying that i
of the philippines. officials from china and the philippines are locked in a dispute over islands in the south china sea. li warned other countries against intervening in the dispute. he said the issue should be solved between relevant parties. >>> many leaders at the apec say they're disappointed u.s. president barack obama will not be there. he's staying in the united states to deal with the government sut-down. vladimir putin says he made the right choice. putin spoke at a business conference on the sidelines of the apec summit in bali. he said obama can't focus on international issues while he's facing the shutdown and a budget impasse. putin said he would have done the same thing. but he suggested obama's absence was a blow to the summit. he said the u.s. is the world's largest economy and what it does is important to the entire world. he said apec leaders hope u.s. officials solve the crisis as soon as possible. >>> international inspectors have launched the process of destroying syrian president bashar al assad's most feared weapon. they're trying to get rid of syria's arsenal of chemical arm
. this is pulling off to the west. then we have two other systems here, one in the philippines and another one just east of guam. we want to keep a close eye on these. this could impact the philippines later on this week. but let's talk about this area over the indochina peninsula. rainfall extending to myanmar, and that will head off to the west. and very well impacting the east coast of india here, going into thursday and friday. as far as temperatures, very warm across the tropics. i do want to point this out, though. take a look at the snow up here. cloudy skies in tokyo. 29. danas will be pushing off towards the west. temperatures really reflecting that subtly warm air flowing in out ahead of it. as far as the americas goes, we have been watching this one storm system rolling across the eastern seaboard. now jetting off to the northeast. still lingering showers right near coastal areas. for the most part, high pressure is ridging in behind it. it is just making for some absolutely beautiful weather. the one foul weather spot is still going to be out towards the pacific northwest. a few lingeri
is a new storm to talk about. naori. it moved across the philippines and flooding. big concern for that storm. not only did it move across fill philippines it's moving to vietnam. it's moving to an area that is well above saturated. this map is showing in the bright red where we have had well above norm rainfall. that is in the very spot we have the cyclone phailin hitting india and it's in place for vietnam and moving into thailand is expected to get rain from that storm as well. let's move on and talk about what nari is going to bring. we expect it to make landfall tuesday or wednesday. it's going bring concern of heavy rain and mud slide. >>> here in the you had we have showers in minnesota and down to texas. they have cold air behind it and you have winter storm watches in the mountains and frost advisory and freeze warnings in place for the dakotas. we are not going to get much in the way of snowfall in the dakotas. all of the snowfall is going to come with the storm system and dump into the central idaho mountains and western montana and into the mountains of northeast ne
looking at the risk of flooding toward portions of the philippines. we're still watching heavy rainfall here. it's not so much the heavy rain i'm worried about over here, it's these afternoon thunderstorms combined with aftershocks following the earthquake earlier on this morning. the problem is, you get heavy rainfall that sat rates the ground. you get that to shake and it increases that risk of landslides out here. something to continue to watch through the coming days. the afternoon thunderstorms are something you continue to deal with there, day in and day out, across the philippines. now, behind wipha, as that rolls off to the northeast, we have a high pressure over northeastern china. that will continue to work down to the southeast. it's ushering in colder air. a clear indication of that actually seen on the visible satellite imagery here. wipha is racing off to the northeast, then you have the strong northwesterly winds. this is an island just off south korea, and then look at that line right behind it. that's what we call a von carmen vortic vortices. there's an indication of t
. they discussed china's maritime presence and its territorial disputes with the philippines and other asean nations. they agreed asean leaders need to explore peaceful solutions. to the disputes. the sea should be kept open and stable as it is a common international treasure. he also said the territorial disputes on the islands in the south china sea should be resolved based on the united nations convention of the laws of the say and other international laws. he's against any unilateral change by force, keep in mind recent moves by china. >>> the u.s. secretary of state have assured southeast asian leaders that the united states is committed to asia. he had meetings throughout the southeast asian region. kerry stepped in for president obama who stayed home to deal with the government shutdown. he assured members that shutdown in washington is a moment in politics and will pass. kerry told them the partnership with asean remains a top priority. >>> experts working to eliminate syria's arsenal of chemical weaponry says the process is off to a good start. the head of the team says the key will
about. there are reports of a powerful earthquake in the southern part of the philippines. preliminary reports say the quake registered 7.2. no word yet on damages or injuries. >>> a suspected al-qaeda figure has arrived in new york to face federal terrorism charges. he was captured in a military raid in libya on october 5th. he is accused of helping plan and conduct surveillance for the u.s. embassy bombings in east africa more than 15 years ago. >>> there is a deal that is on the table. one proposal would raise the debt ceiling until mid-february and reopen the government until mid-january. both democrat and republican a leaders say they are optimistic. >>> this is the timetable members of congress face. on thursday the government will no longer be able to borrow money. it will have an estimated $30 billion in cash left in its coffers. then benefits for social security military and veterans could be put on hold. november 1st, $60 billion is due for benefit programs. if there's no debt ceiling increase, those payments could be delayed another two weeks, finally november 15th, another
china, the philippines, vietnam, brunei, and malaysia. we have the report now from southern china. >> reporter: this fish port is one of the busiest. last year the catch brought back here was 70,000 pints, worth $200 million u.s. dollars. this fisherman says it isn't as easy to earn money as it used to be. for a higher wage they have to go further out to sea, battle stronger currents and risk encountering vessels from neighboring countries. >> the islands are all chinese territory. we're not afraid of going fishing. our navy will protect us. >> reporter: it's the presence of the chinese military in sdmuted waters some 330 kill meters that has raised tensioning in the region. china says it has a historical claim on almost all of the resource-rich south china sea, but some neighbors disagree and china is being accused of becoming more and more aggressive in protecting its fishermen. the fishing community here says the chinese government encouraging them to go further out giving them freshwater for the journey and free petro. it allows them a larger catch, but it strengthens the clai
over the philippines at the moment. and sustained at about 165 [ inaudible ]. to put that in context the storm which occurred a little while ago had sustained winds of about 30 kilometers per hour faster than that. this will pick um moisture and a little bit of warmth across the south china sea and become a nasty storm once again. so interesting thing is to watch what happens in terms of the precipitation fields here. this system you'll notice goes north, but this one continues to move away towards the west, and there you go. so by sunday it is right in the middle of the south china sea. and that will have a big impact upon vietnam. now we come to the severe tropical cyclone which is extending from myanmar and sri lanka. the strength of the winds is still open to debate. some suggested category 5 hurricane. the indian department suggests the winds will be lighter, probably around 210 with gusts of 230. both organizations in agreement we'll see something like 200 to 250 millimeters of rain widespread over the next few days. >> richard thing. much more to come including france's top co
coming out of the philippines. a lot of damage taking a hit towards danang. thomas. >> thank you rebecca. >>> still no deal about how long u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan. after three rounds of negotiations, secretary of state john kerry and afghan presidential hamid karzai were unable to hammer out an agreement. jennifer glass has more. >> no final security agreements has been signed here in kabul. secretary kerry says the major issues that were blocking a security agreement between the two countries have been bypassed here. the two major sticking points where u.s. forces could carry out operations here independently has apparently been sofd in -- solved in that the u.s. forces will ask for afghan permission before they undertake any operations here. and the other sticking point, president karzai had asked for security agreement with the united states, in the event it had problems with its neighbors. the two gentlemen have come to agreement as to what attack means. agreement that president karzai can take to the national assembly that is scheduled to meet next month to approve the
's not the only storm we are watching in india. wwe also have one that just hammered the fil fill philippins now crossing the pacific toward vietnam. here is some damage. here is some video of what we have been watching come back to us philippine typhoon is powerful and bringing severe winds. what we equate to a hurricane in the states. it was equivalent to a category three hurricane when it crossed the philippines. we see the tract move toward vet knappled. vietnam issments no. not only are they dealing with more rain it will be tracking across the land? >>> maul amalta's prime ministes the mediterranean sea is becoming a cemetery. two boats sank leaving hundreds dead. a boat sank on the island of lamlampedusa on friday. that has led calls for pas passe ways that would give refugees a safe travel to europe. huddled on deck the survivors of the latester latest tragedy. among them many children shocked and cold but alive. it's thought many of those on board were syrian. the maltese prime minister appealed for help from the eu. he said the mediterranean was becoming a cemetery. >> we feel totally
video from the moments after a powerful earthquake struck the philippines today. you can see people just running from buildings. 90 people died in the 7.2 quake. hundreds more injured. hardest hit were central islands, rescue efforts still under way in a collapsed hospital. roads, bridges and the oldest church were damaged. >> daily city is home to a large filipino community. one family was sending a box of clothing and canned foods to the philippines. this care package put together for those realing from last week's typhoon that left areas flooded with short -- folks short on food and supplies. >> they had nothing to lie. stores some are times ransacked. just to maiblg sure that they have something. >> the philippine president plans to visit the area tomorrow, officials believe the death toll could be higher, schools and buildings were empty because of the holiday. >> fbi says it's broken up an east bay drug ring raiding a half dozen locations making several arrests today. >> abc 7 news has more from pittsburgh where those homes were targeted by federal agents. >> fbi agents say the dru
the philippines. >> dealing with bullies and bullying, part of everyone's childhood. coming up we'll tell you some of the best ways to avoid that problem. wusa9 is back >>> 10 after 6:00 on this fuss morning. some -- this tuesday morning. some dense areas of fog east and west virginia. some visibilities a quarter mile or less. once we burn off the fog, it's going to turn out to abvery nice day with lots of sunshine and highs this afternoon in the low 70s. pretty good looking seven-day forecast coming up in just a few. right now monika with timesaver traffic. >>> virginia commuters just cannot buy a break. on the southbound side of i-95 suffering from springfield into newington just past backlick road but before the fairfax county parkway, a crash still blocks the two right lanes. it's completely jammed on the southbound side. i'll have details in a few minutes. back you to guys. >>> at least 85 people were killed when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck in the philippines. it collapsed buildings and roofs and cracked roads. many local government communities and schools are closed today in the philip
of items known as the spratlies are claimed by several countries including china, the philippines, vietnam, malaysia and brunei. the spratly are believed to contain vast mineral and oil wealth. in a moment will be live to our correspondent in the southern china city of sanya close to the spratly islands. first let's go to scott at the summit in brunei. what's on the agenda for today? >> reporter: there are a lot of things on the agenda. it's a long day. it just is coming to an end. it started with planary meetings with the asean members because they had housekeeping to take care of but important steps to go forward. they have a goal to be more of a community acting as a single community, these nations. there's a long road ahead with that. we've passed rules how they better monitor haze that plagues a couple of nations. ten nations, three of those nations. this issue, yes, of the sfuted territories would have been brought up in the meeting but also in breakout separate summits in the afternoon, one with the united states, one with japan and one with korea and one with china. we have a story
storms. one in particular that plowed across the philippines, caused about 13 deaths and had some powerful wind gusts and a lot of flooding. that is nari. nari is headed towards vietnam and expected to make landfall as we get into late monday and tuesday. one of the pictures from the philippines from destruction, people are pushing debris like this off the roadways in the philippines. still a lot of cleanup coming in here with all the trees and mud coming down. this is coming in for vietnam and even over into thailand as we get into the middle of the week. thaila thailand's problem is they've already had excessive flooding in the last few weeks, and so now we're expecting to see the same storm that devastated the philippines move and hit vietnam around the city of hu and farther down towards thailand. we'll have more on the u.s. forecast coming up. >> rebecca, thank you. >>> while an accurate assessment of the effects will take several weeks, reports say the death toll is relatively modest in part due to an improved communication system in india. we have that story. >> reporter: i
have collapsed including several monuments, several churches, the oldest church in the philippines built by the spanish during the colonial era, 16th century, has gone. nearby tabu, the island direct to the north just across the strait, 15 people died there including four youngsters killed in a stampede. the death toll rising as rescuers are able to reach people still trapped from the rubble. >> craig, the quake is just one of a handful of nature striking the area. we have typhoon nari and w. we ba looking to strike japan in the vulnerable area of fukushima >> reporter: that's right. a place for natural weather incidents is right now. the philippines catching the worst of both of these. typhoon mari southwest across the north a few hundred millimeters from the capitol. it's destroyed crops and villages, some two million people were left without electricity. but casualties were kept to a minimum because they were able to evacuate people before the typhoon hit. >> that's now headed west and is hitting vietnam as we speak. it's coming to central vietnam dear danang, a tour est resort.
the philippines killing at least 20 people. the 7.2 quake rattled the central region producing wide spread panic. emergency crews rushed to pull survivors from mounds of concrete. many schools and offices were closed due to a national holiday. >>> authorities have found a clever way to shut up a somali piratet. he was arrested after being lured to brussels for what he thought was a documentary on his life. under cover agents posing as film makers convinced him to travel to belgium. when he got there he was arrested. a u.n. report described him as one of the most notorious and influential leaders in the pirate network. >>> there is information about the health of former president george w. bush. the heart problems were much more serious than previously reported and he was very lucky they caught them. the 67 year old received a stint over the summer. sources familiar with the medical situation tell the national journal his coronary article was 95% blocked. >>> storm chasers captured a severe storm that produced a tornado about 15 miles from dodge city, kansas. for more on the national forecast i'm
of the philippines that is expected to make land fall by friday then out here towards the south china sea. another system, a lot of rain and this system as you see the track is going to get just to the south of m manila. that's like a bowl so it's very easily. that's another thing we're going to be watching. vy your wednesday morning forecast in thefection part of the hor. hour. >> too americans are falling. hind in basic education. adults are not learning what they need to know about reading, math an basic problem solving. >>> a long distance swimmer is spending two days swimming in a pool right in the middle of new york city. we'll explain why when we come back. al jazeera america... >>introduces... "america tonight". >>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. >>an escape from the expected. [[voiceover]] from al jazeera media network comes a new voice of journalism in the u.s. >>the delta is a microcosm of america. [[voiceover]] we tell the human story, from around the block, across the country, with more points of view. >>if joe can't find work, his
again, china, fill philippines, brunei, vietnam and malaysia. we'll go live to brunei in a moment. for more on that summit, but first a report from a fishing port in southern china. >> reporter: the fish port is one of the busiest in southern china. last year the catch brought back here was more than 70,000 tons. worth some 200 million u.s. dollars. but fishermen say it's not as easy to earn money now as it used to be. for a higher wage they have to go further on tout sea, battle stronger currents, and risk encountering vessels from other countries. >> the islands are all chinese territory, we are not afraid of going fishing there. our navy will protect us. >> reporter: but it's the presence of the chinese military in disputed waters some 330-kilometers away that has raised tensions in the region. china says it has a historical claim on almost of the resource rich south china sea, but some of its neighbors disagree and china being accused of becoming more and more aggressive in protecting it's a fishermen. the fish be community here says the chinese government encourages them to g
and the -- with india and the philippines on alert. what is the concern? >> they will strengthen between the next 24 or 48 hours or so. the massive storm is swirling on the bay of bengal. that's going to continue making its way through the northwest, next 24, 48 hours. sustained winds 130 to 160 kilometers per hour. landfall plate on saturday, we expect those winds to be 160 to 190 kilometers per hour. this is a densely part of india as well, added to that we've got significant storm surge which will make its way in. we could see storm surge of 2 to 4 meters. lots of wind, the system continues to make its way northward or west washed. we will see the storm right through the weekend. it is a similar picture, right through philippines. typhoon further west wards with flooding to come to the west shireen. >> thank you everton. the activists were arrested as they tried to climb onto a russian oil platform earlier in the month. >> i recognize the risk in this. i participatein exactly the same conduct last yore. however, given urgency, that the united nations just called on us to act on climate change and
, another storm brewing in the philippines this time. >> that's right, shireen. all the focus in the bay of bengal, phailin, the dynamics are very, very clear. where towards the philippines we have a disorganized system. typhoon mary. torrential rain, 150 millimeters in places and now it has a chance to reorganize as its moves across the south china sea and into vietnam. you see for sunday no real impact there but by the time it hits around 12 g on monday, it will be a category 2 storm, two meter storm surge and we're looking at winds of 155 and there was a tropical storm that was heading up towards japan, i don't think it's going to have an impact in the time here, giving some heavy rain and indeed snow as well but for much of japan it looks like it's going to be relatively dry, tropical storm stays and japan should enjoy some fine weather. >> still to come on the program with the harsh pill garage am, we report on saud effort to help mecca. and austerity pushing universities to the brink. and coming up in sport, could prevent anyone from qualifying in japanese formula 1 grand prix. >>
. a 7.2 magnitude earthquake has rocked a island in the philippines killing at least 20 people, including four children who were killed following a stampede. several buildings have collapsed. the quake was centered about 35 miles underground. annaan al quada suspect accusedf taking part of the 1998 bombings of u.s. embassies in east africa is expected to be arraigned in new york city. he was captured in a u.s. special forces raid in lip i can't on october 5th. court documents allege as early asinine 93 he began plan ago tacks with other al qaeda figures against the u.s. with the debt ceiling den deadline just two days away per operative mick at this ideal will be reached. there are re several plans on te table. and the nsa is collecting millions of contact lists from percentage e-mail and instant messaging accounts according to documents leaked to the washington post by former nsa contractor edward snowden. many of those accounts reportedly belong to americans. those are the headlines. "america tonight" is up next on al jazerra. >> on america tonight - a very different death pe
the philippines, and left over a dozen dead. this is what vietnam is dealing with right now in the aftermath of the storm. they had to evacuate over 100,000 people across the region, and the outcome though, a lot of homes and infrastructure was destroyed because of that. what we're dealing right now, another typhoon and this is making its way very close to japan. actually, this is the strongest typhoon that has come this close to japan since 2014. and a lot of people are concerned because of the proximity to fukushima and the cleanup efforts there. this is wednesday morning across japan. and a lot of people have been evacuated in this area as well. and we're waiting on more reports on how they fared in this particular area. later on in the show, we're going to be talking about the devastating flooding in parts of texas. antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. >> what do you think? >> consider this. unconventional wisdom. vate. and we believe they are being rivaled by samsung. >> derek haines is h
of documents leaked by edward snowden. >>> in the philippines, a deadly earthquake striking overnight. the powerful 7.2-magnitude quake collapsed buildings and is responsible for at least 20 deaths. the number is expected to rise. one man captured his chandelier swaying as the quake hit. and a 17th century stone church crumbled to pieces because of all the shaking. luckily today's a national holiday in the philippines. offices and schools were closed. that may lower the casualty numbers. >>> new hope for families of six americans in the men that vanished at sea six months ago. an object that looks like the missing yacht has been found drifting near australia and new zealand close to where it disappeared. investigators called off the search in july. relatives hired a private search group to look in to the boat and crew. >>> we have a heartbreaking family tragedy aboard a carnival cruise ship in the caribbean. a 6-year-old florida boy and child model drowned in a swimming pool while playing with his brother. quinton hunter pulled was pulled from the water. they administered cpr but coul
're watching that closely because it will reintensify and effect vietnam once it moves over the philippines. big cyclone palen. this is the equivalent to a category 5 hurricane and it shows no signs of weakening, the forecast will have it making landfall saturday local time. wind down to 150 miles an hour. a lot of wind and rain going right in the center of where a lot of people live. that area has 42 million people right along the coast. stephanie? >> dave warren thank you. and thank you for watching al jazeera. tech -- "techknow" is next. for more information head to our website, ♪
kenya her second home and hopes to go back. >> a typhoon barreling to the northern philippines forced secretary of state john kerry to call off his trip after authorities declared storm alerts in 14 areas because of typhoon. john kerry is visiting southeast asia for a summit. the typhoon is threatening farmland and populated areas with wind and flooding. schools are closed and emergency crews are on notice. >> it is 4:21. no bart strike. we are still talking tran it. the first big test for muni's effort to put the morning and evening commutes on fast track. >> starbucks wants to pressure washington to end the government >> 4:23. a look at the golden gate bridge. there is no bart strike. we are watching other transit options. it is friday lite. we will keep you informed. >> 13 face charges after police received $4 until in mayor non. narcotics detectives raided 13 homes in san leandro, hayward and san lorenzo confiscating 1,700 marijuana plants. the growers were part of a large residential pot-growing scheme. they are stealing electricity to grow the plants. >> the most popular commute
another system that is to the east of that. that has moved towards the philippines. and on sunday we expect t to ths storm to be making land fall in vietnam. we have a lot on our plate. we'll be making updates as we go. back to you. >> in the height of the cyclone season in the pacific as well. center. >>> coming up here lobster landings in record numbers. why markets are not chilling out >> next... from lucrative denfense contracts, to behind the scenes lobbyists... >> did the egyptians ever think that aid would ever be cut? >> never >> fault lines explores the enduring relationship between the american and the egyptian militaries... >> i don't think we will suffer now, we have already airplanes...tanks... >> they haven't changed the nature of what they provide us...why would we want to change what we provide them? >> fault lines business as usual? egypt and the usa next on al jazeera america >>> maine lob stepha stephan lobstermen are feeling the pinch. why too many lobster mean less money for the lobstermen. >> dawn is just breaking on a crisp morning. while most of the country is
-- and during the nazi regime. a powerful storm in the philippines has left at least a dozen people dead. the typhoon made landfall friday, bringing floods and powerful wind up to 150 kilometers per hour. several victims drowned or were hit by falling trees. millions in the country have no power, and large areas of farmland are underwater. weathers been extreme in india as well, were a massive cyclone hit the east coast saturday evening. there are five confirmed deaths and severe rain and wind have forced more than half a million people to flee their homes and seek refuge in storm shelters. >> they are freezing, soaked, and really scared. they don't know what to expect. all of them have been told to evacuate their homes in coastal villages. for the moment, they are on safe ground. about 30 kilometers away from the sea. i have come here with my family to escape the cyclone. our house is gone. >> cyclone phailin is packing winds of up to 200 kilometers per hour. the states are bearing the brunt of the storm. 12 million people live in the path of the cyclone, one of the worst in years. a po
its way west of the philippines now making its way towards vietnam. as this system continues to move off to the west we'll see the conditions go down hill around vietnam. and at home we're looking at a cold front stretching from the southern plains. we have rain and storms that we'll track throughout the day. >> for more on phailin, we're live from the coast to the south side center of the storm. tell us where you are right now. >> well, the area that i'm in now, the storm has shifted. that we're now in the center of the storm itself. it's shifting south wards a few miles since we last spoke. now what we're find something about lots of rainfall down around here. the winds are getting quite intense. there is no electricity at all in this area. we've been running a generating which is the only reason we've been able to broadcast to you. the storm is becoming much more serious than people thought. people have had a more casual attitude about it before but now that it's hitting landfall it's getting people's attention that this might be quite big. >> is that because they were getting mix
. -- limburg. two storms over the philippines. one has claimed over a dozen lives. powerns remain without and there is flooding. thousands of people have been ordered to leave their homes as a massive cyclone approaches. authorities are expecting the cyclone to cause cents of damage on the coast. there are three major storms predicted. ready for winter? the official start may be more than two months away, but don't tell that to the folks in germany alpine foothills. parts of southern germany have been busy clearing away the season's first serious snows. take a look. >> no, this is not the right weather for a cup of coffee on a sunny terrace. temperatures at the foot of the alps have dipped to near freezing. and up to 35 centimeters of heavy, wet snow cover the countryside, making it extremely attractive, but many motorists were completely unprepared for the tricky conditions. alsoeight of the snow brought down numerous trees, blocking roads and keeping local fire departments busy for much of the day. >> there is enough work for today. cleanup efforts will take several more hours. then we
of the -- >> mr. watson it appears as if we have lost connection with you. further east in the philippines typhoon mary, there are reports coming in of the typhoon killing more than 2 million without electricity. as the phi noon makes its way to the south china sea. mr. wattson it appears we have you back, we lost you briefly on skype. you were telling us how people were preparing for a storm this large. >> evacuate from the coast and shelter from the wind and sheltering is a problem through a lot of india because informal construction is quite problematic, blowing debris which injuries and kills people. four and a half million people are expected to be within the hurricane force wind path. that's an enormous evacuation and sheltering problem. in the u.s. if we have a million people, in a hurricane force wind swath, that's considered a major event. so this is one way to put it is 15 times worse than what we would see for a similar u.s. event. >> you describe it as 15 times worse. how much does a storm cause in damage? >> our forecast is between 11 and $12 billion. to put that in context about econ
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